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Photo Magic

My partner went back to school this semester to learn photography and photoshop. He made this picture of my cat for fun:

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Almost New Laptop

Spent the past few weeks gutting my 5-year-old laptop and turning it into a new one.

Got a new LCD screen to replace my old cracked screen, 4GB of RAM (up from 2GB), and 500GB hard drive (up from 160 GB).  Managed to find all the parts for less than $250 on eBay and Amazon, and watched lots of Youtube tutorials on upgrading computer parts. 


Finally, upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 8.  Hoping this lasts another four years!

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Little Elmo

My cat found a new spot

and I’m learning Pixlr-o-matic.  Original photo:

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Cartoon Camera

Gizmodo just put out their list of ‘new essential apps.’  Just started messing around with Cartoon Camera and it’s kindof amazing.  Here is a shot of the mess in our house right now.

This is definitely not helping my growing phone addiction.

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Hello Smartphone

Finally said goodbye to my old LG Shine.  When I showed it to the guy at the store, he laughed at me.  I think I was supposed to get an upgrade 3-4 years ago.

Since AT&T is coming out with a new phone, they cut the price on this one:

Hello smartphone!

I’m concerned about this thing becoming an electronic leash.  For now, I set it up so I don’t have to look at email, Facebook, or anything else unless I click the app.  Hope this all works out!

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