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High School Coop

My favorite teacher, Mr. A-K, is helping his high school students start their own clothing coop!

Can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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Spent a few days this week at a pretty amazing elementary school in Oakland.  Instead of reciting the pledge of allegiance each morning, the students say another pledge — to themselves, their classmates, teachers, families and communities.

Grass Valley Pledge

My favorite part is when they put their fists in the air and say, “I have the power to make my people proud!”

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Radio Rookies

Heard this in the car while I was in NY over winter break.  Beautifully produced piece on ‘slut shaming.’

There are countless websites, Facebook pages and Twitter handles that are created to shame girls online, many are literally called “exposing hos.” When Temitayo logs in to Facebook her newsfeed is often inundated with sexually explicit photos and videos of other teenage girls that are posted, commented on, and shared countless times by her peers. Once these images make it online the repercussions can haunt a girl far beyond the schoolyard.

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Making Space for Youth, Art, and Politics

Went to an event last night at De-Bug in San Jose and was blown away by the space and organization.  You can see the upstairs office / meeting area in this video.

Downstairs they have an area for screenprinting,

a community darkroom where people can develop their photos,

recording equipment to produce music, and lots of art

Learn more about De-Bug in their intro video

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