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Pretty amazing treehouses by Takashi Kobayashi.


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Jersey Holidays

Wrapping up two weeks with family and old friends in Jersey and finally heading home.  Some touristy highlights:

1) Roentgens furniture exhibit at the Met

Roentgens Met Exhibit

Super-intricate furniture pieces with all kinds of hidden compartments that pop out when you turn a key or push a button.  The features are controlled using springs, pulleys, and metal cables.

Some of the furniture pieces:

2) Wicked

Wicked Broadway

One of the few musicals, movies, etc. that lives up to the book.

3) Self-guided Sopranos tour

Bada Bing

We were 10 years behind on this one but still fun.  Stopped at Satin Dolls (aka the Bada Bing), Holsten’s (where the last scene of the last episode takes place), and Pizzaland (awful pizza but great drawing of the Sopranos guys).

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Bikey Bikes!

My lover loves bikes.  So when he moved in, there were bikes and bike stuff everywhere.  Now, we have a special bikey bike corner.

Used cup hooks to hang locks, cables, and helmets and there’s a bikey box and basket on the other side too.

You can build one too!

If you’ve got a bunch of stuff you wanna build and can use  2xs made from old redwood fence boards, get on craigslist and search for redwood near Walnut Creek.  There’s a guy up there who sells old redwood fence boards for $1 / board.

Happy building!

(Photos by Eduardo)

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