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Kimchi Time

Just pulled the first load of cabbage from the garden.


Each cabbage is twice the size of my head and the metal bowl is the big kind — like something you would bathe a baby in.

Cabbage 2

In a few hours it will all be kimchi!

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Winter Garden

The winter garden is finally popping!

Winter Garden Fish Eye 3

Cabbage for kimchi, peas, spinach, all kinds of herbs.  The white and brown flecks are eggshells to keep the slugs away.

(photo by Eduardo)

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Spring is here and the garden is popping!


and artichokes:

(photos by Eduardo)

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Finally pulled the radishes.

And made radish kimchi!

(top photo by Eduardo)

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Radishes Are Popping

The radishes are almost ready!

Some are already halfway out:

I told my grandma about it last night and she said, “what are you growing food for?  You can’t buy Korean radish at the store in America?”  I told her it’s expensive to buy a lot of them and it’s fun to grow too.  “That’s good,” she said.  Then I got a long lecture about how young people (referring to my mom’s generation) don’t know how to do anything anymore (like make their own chili paste).  Oh grandma. ❤

Btw, 2 cents per minute to make long distance calls on Google Voice and call quality is better than the phone line!

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Herb Bouquets

I’ve been using a lot of herbs lately.  Cilantro for Mojarra and mint and thyme for an arthritis remedy.  I put the herbs in jars full of water so I don’t have to keep going back to the garden to get them.

And they’re pretty!

Tea for arthritis:

  • mint
  • thyme
  • ginger
  • chamomile
  • cinnamon
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Food Inc.

Sometimes I crave McDonald’s.  Specifically iced coffee and fries.

After finishing an interview this week, I suggested we go there to eat.  A friend talked me out of it and recommended that I watch Food Inc.

I had done research on one of the giant food corporations involved in the global grain trade, met people supporting farmworker organizing in the Southeast, and interviewed a woman who used to work in a poultry processing plant (she and all of the other women in the factory got breast cancer and lost their jobs.  None of the other factories around would hire them either).  I didn’t want to know any more than I already did.

Last night I finally watched it.  It was great.  Moves quickly, covers a lot of ground, and for the most part held my interest.  And yes, I am now considering some serious changes to my diet.

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Baby Artichokes

Last winter, a friend gave me a baby artichoke.  The artichokes that grew from it were super tender.  Not tough and woody like the ones you get at the store.

This winter, my artichoke plant made lots of seeds.  Now I have enough artichoke babies to fill a city block.

If you are in the Bay Area and want to adopt one, hit me up!  Each plant needs ~ 3-4 square feet to grow.

(Photos by Eduardo)

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Sweetie Peas

Peas are popping in the garden!

Sweetest sugar snap peas I’ve ever had.  None of them actually make it to the kitchen because we eat them raw on our walks.  xP

They’re also super-easy to grow and sprout really fast.  You can get seeds here.


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Been wanting to check it out for weeks and finally made it over to the new seed library at the Cesar Chavez branch.


Getting seeds here is super-easy.



And did I mention free?  Sort-of — you should harvest seeds at the end of the season and bring them back!


(Photos by Eduardo)

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