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Photo Magic

My partner went back to school this semester to learn photography and photoshop. He made this picture of my cat for fun:

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Pretty amazing treehouses by Takashi Kobayashi.


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Jersey Holidays

Wrapping up two weeks with family and old friends in Jersey and finally heading home.  Some touristy highlights:

1) Roentgens furniture exhibit at the Met

Roentgens Met Exhibit

Super-intricate furniture pieces with all kinds of hidden compartments that pop out when you turn a key or push a button.  The features are controlled using springs, pulleys, and metal cables.

Some of the furniture pieces:

2) Wicked

Wicked Broadway

One of the few musicals, movies, etc. that lives up to the book.

3) Self-guided Sopranos tour

Bada Bing

We were 10 years behind on this one but still fun.  Stopped at Satin Dolls (aka the Bada Bing), Holsten’s (where the last scene of the last episode takes place), and Pizzaland (awful pizza but great drawing of the Sopranos guys).

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Kaoiro and Selifusen

How cute!

From the website:

“Kaoiro” (which means “facial expression” in Japanese)
is japanese emoticon stamp pretending to be the date stamp.

This stamp that mixing digital culture with a old style stationary
has 7 belts and around 20 symbols.

You can create real kaomoji (japanese emoticon) of 2000 or more
by combining them.

If you always have it ready on your desk at school or office,
you can share your emotion to your lover in real world with a secret . \ (^ о ^) /

(via Resourceful Design)

These are pretty awesome too:

A sticky note that is the maximum communication tool in the stationery field.
We gave these products a friendly design.

They are called “Selifusen”.

It dashes out from the world of the MANGA,
and invites you into their worlds.

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Dia De Los Muertos

Went to SF last night for the Dia de los Gringos Muertos procession.  Lucky to see some beautiful altars and artwork.

(photos by Eduardo)

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Art and Not-So-Conspiracy

Got to see some beautiful murals by MearOne in LA last week.

Earlier this week, KSDK did a story on the US army testing radioactive compounds on people in Texas and Missouri in the ’50s and ’60s.

Sounds like MearOne’s artwork is not-so-conspiracy after all.

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Making Space for Youth, Art, and Politics

Went to an event last night at De-Bug in San Jose and was blown away by the space and organization.  You can see the upstairs office / meeting area in this video.

Downstairs they have an area for screenprinting,

a community darkroom where people can develop their photos,

recording equipment to produce music, and lots of art

Learn more about De-Bug in their intro video

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