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Postpartum Magic

I don’t believe in ‘miracle foods’, but miyuk guk (seaweed soup) is pretty amazing.  miyuk gukAfter giving birth to Olivia 슬아, I went on a soup diet.  I ate miyuk guk at least 3 times a day for the first six weeks.  Then, I incorporated other types of soup and porridge.  Mainly chicken porridge. The women in my family swear by it.  They say that miyuk guk restores what your body lost during the birth — iron, calcium, etc. — and detoxes your breastmilk.  It definitely helped me make more milk, and kept my poop soft.

You can make miyuk guk with just about any type of soup base.  I made tons of beef marrow broth before the birth and froze it in containers to make soup afterwards.


It’s super-easy.  Buy some 사골 (beef shank bones) and soak it in water for a few hours until the blood drains out.  Rinse the bones, and soak it again to make sure all the blood is gone.  Then throw the bones in a giant pot full of water.  Boil and simmer for a full day — just add water every few hours.  The soup will become white and you’ll see holes in the bones once it’s done.

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Kimchi Time

Just pulled the first load of cabbage from the garden.


Each cabbage is twice the size of my head and the metal bowl is the big kind — like something you would bathe a baby in.

Cabbage 2

In a few hours it will all be kimchi!

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Pizza Pizza

Tonight was my first time making pizza from scratch.  The best part — no special equipment needed!


That is a photo of Dave Lebovitz’ pizza.  Ours wasn’t nearly as good-looking and we ate it all before I could take a picture.  Super-easy and wayyy better than any pizza I’ve had around here.

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Escape to the Sticks

Spent the past few days escaping election frenzy in a cabin up in the mountains by Clearlake.

Gorgeous views

and lots of wood stove cooking.

(photos by Eduardo)

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Finally pulled the radishes.

And made radish kimchi!

(top photo by Eduardo)

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Herb Bouquets

I’ve been using a lot of herbs lately.  Cilantro for Mojarra and mint and thyme for an arthritis remedy.  I put the herbs in jars full of water so I don’t have to keep going back to the garden to get them.

And they’re pretty!

Tea for arthritis:

  • mint
  • thyme
  • ginger
  • chamomile
  • cinnamon
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(Not So) Dry Ass Chicken

My partner is very health conscious (not like me).  And he loves that dry-ass chicken (boneless, skinless, chicken breasts).  Tried converting him to some real chicken (thighs, drumsticks) but it hasn’t really worked.  So I’ve been trying to figure out how to make chicken breasts a little less dry.

The best thing so far has been to brine the chicken first for around 30 minutes (soak it in cold water with a few spoonfuls of salt and white vinegar).  The other part is to really watch the broiler (for 1″-1.5″ sliced breast pieces, only broil 5-8 minutes on each side).

Btw the spread for the toast has a spoon of mayo, 3 spoons of plain yogurt, sriracha, and chili garlic sauce.  ❤

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Mapo Tofu

When I lived in Singapore, my family and I went to Arcadia Restaurant at least once a week.  We ordered the same thing every time — mapo tofu.

Tried making it at home tonight w/ this recipe.

Not nearly as good as Arcadia Restaurant, but definitely better than the stuff that comes in a box.

I’m not very good at exact measurements when it comes to cooking.  When I was getting ready to put the tofu in, the sauce tasted a little too much like bean paste.  Added a little honey to even it out.  Used ground turkey instead of pork and threw in a few handfuls of frozen peas.  Yum!

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