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Backyard History

Just spent the afternoon in Berkeley hearing stories of badass South Asian organizing from 1908 til’ today.  Here’s Anirvan sharing how 8,000 South Asians on the West Coast took up arms and went back to India to overthrow the British empire during the time of the Ghadar movement.

Part performance, part oral history, and all around great storytelling on Anirvan Chatterjee and Barnali Ghosh’s Berkeley South Asian Radical History Tour.

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Radio Venceremos

Just got back from An Afternoon w/ Santiago in SF.  Here’s a short video history (with English subtitles) of Radio Venceremos, Ten Years of Taking the Sky by Storm:

Most of his talk focused on the Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen.  It’s a museum of people’s stories and memories in San Salvador.

He said that they put out a call to all Salvadoran people, “you have a piece of Salvadoran history in your trunks” and encouraged them to share their memories publicly.  From there, they created traveling exhibitions that brought these memories to rural areas on pickup trucks and asked people from everywhere to contribute.

He focused so much on young people in his talk.  The Museo created a trivia game for kids, and a series of animated videos specifically geared toward young people with stories from Cuentos de Cipotes.  This is the first video in the series (Spanish, no subtitles):

Although the FMLN is in control of government today, Santiago says the Museo keeps its distance from power because memory needs its own wings to fly.  You can catch him tomorrow and Tuesday too at USF:

Monday April 2, 2012, 6:00-8:00 PM, MCL 251

Radio Days in Times of War, Historical Memory in Times of Peace/Dias de Radio en tiempos de guerra, memoria histórica en tiempos de paz

Carlos Henríquez Consalvi “Santiago” founded Radio Venceremos in 1981. For the next 11 years, he served as the voice of the clandestine FMLN radio, broadcasting his reports while constantly evading capture by the military in the northeastern hills of the nation. Radio Venceremos was one of the few sources of oppositional press in El Salvador during the reign of the repressive military regime. As such, “Santiago” and his team were among the first to report on the infamous massacre at El Mozote and other atrocities committed by government troops, played a major role in recruiting campesino support for the revolutionary cause, and provided popular education about socialist ideals and Salvadoran history. Carlos Henríquez Consalvi is the founder and director of a museum, El Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen, in San Salvador.

Tuesday, April 3, 5:30–8:30 p.m., McLaren 251

Violence and Media Panel

A forum about community/citizens media in contexts of violence and conflict. Panelists will discuss several experiences and projects illustrating the multiple roles that the media have played and play in different times, historical periods, and locations within the Americas, ranging from civil wars in the 1980s to current violence related to paramilitary groups, drug trafficking, and anti-immigrant policies.

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Visionary Women Elders

What better way to start women’s history month than with a charged exchange between two visionary elders?

I went to see Angela and Grace tonight hoping for answers.  Came home with even more questions.  Feeling inspired and full of warmth. ❤

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We are the Leaders We’ve Been Waiting For

One of my sheroes is coming to town!

Here’s part of an interview Grace Lee Boggs did with Bill Moyers:

You can see the full segment here.

We edited and shared some of a talk she and Michael Hardt gave about her new book, The Next American Revolution, on APEX (Michael starts at 3:10, Grace starts at 14:00).

Here’s a recording of Grace and Immanuel Wallerstein from the 2010 US Social Forum (Starts at 3:20).

Wanna see Grace in the Bay?

For the first time in history, iconic activists Grace Lee Boggs and Angela Davis will share the stage for a conversation entitled “On Revolution: A Conversation Between Grace Lee Boggs and Angela Davis” on Friday, March 2nd at Pauley Ballroom, University of California, Berkeley from 4pm-6pm.

More details here.  You can also catch her in SF Chinatown:

As CPA celebrates our 40th anniversary this year, we are excited to begin 2012 by honoring the legacy of an Asian American movement shero, Grace Lee Boggs. We will co-host a very special event, “Building the Next American Revolution: A Celebration and Tribute to Grace Lee Boggs,” which will take place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2012 at the Chinese Culture Center in San Francisco Chinatown from 1-4 pm, with a reception and book signing.

This event will feature Grace Lee Boggs, who will reflect on Asian American activism and our movement during the current political times and key issues affecting the world today.

Details here.

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