DJ Janie

My little sister moved to LA last year to become a DJ.  Just put out her first mix full of songs we grew up on:

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Radio Rookies

Heard this in the car while I was in NY over winter break.  Beautifully produced piece on ‘slut shaming.’

There are countless websites, Facebook pages and Twitter handles that are created to shame girls online, many are literally called “exposing hos.” When Temitayo logs in to Facebook her newsfeed is often inundated with sexually explicit photos and videos of other teenage girls that are posted, commented on, and shared countless times by her peers. Once these images make it online the repercussions can haunt a girl far beyond the schoolyard.

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Charlie Ravioli

It’s holiday travel time so I’m loading up on podcasts.  Adam Gopnik’s writing can be a little obnoxious, but I really loved this story he told for The Moth.  It’s about his daughter and her imaginary friend, Charlie Ravioli.

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Saturday Listening

Getting ready for the drive up to Point Reyes and loading up on podcasts.

Two of my fave APEX music shows from earlier this year on art and cultural work:

Digma  (Music starts at 20:00)

Bandung 55

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