Pretty amazing treehouses by Takashi Kobayashi.


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Spent a few days this week at a pretty amazing elementary school in Oakland.  Instead of reciting the pledge of allegiance each morning, the students say another pledge — to themselves, their classmates, teachers, families and communities.

Grass Valley Pledge

My favorite part is when they put their fists in the air and say, “I have the power to make my people proud!”

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Radio Rookies

Heard this in the car while I was in NY over winter break.  Beautifully produced piece on ‘slut shaming.’

There are countless websites, Facebook pages and Twitter handles that are created to shame girls online, many are literally called “exposing hos.” When Temitayo logs in to Facebook her newsfeed is often inundated with sexually explicit photos and videos of other teenage girls that are posted, commented on, and shared countless times by her peers. Once these images make it online the repercussions can haunt a girl far beyond the schoolyard.

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Kimchi Time

Just pulled the first load of cabbage from the garden.


Each cabbage is twice the size of my head and the metal bowl is the big kind — like something you would bathe a baby in.

Cabbage 2

In a few hours it will all be kimchi!

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Kid President

This video made me smile.  A lot.


The Price

Neil Gaiman is probably the only writer that both my partner and I like.  He recently found an animated movie of Gaiman’s short story, The Price.

Beautiful animation and also just loving his reading voice.

Super-charming how they included Neil typing the story throughout the movie.

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Jersey Holidays

Wrapping up two weeks with family and old friends in Jersey and finally heading home.  Some touristy highlights:

1) Roentgens furniture exhibit at the Met

Roentgens Met Exhibit

Super-intricate furniture pieces with all kinds of hidden compartments that pop out when you turn a key or push a button.  The features are controlled using springs, pulleys, and metal cables.

Some of the furniture pieces:

2) Wicked

Wicked Broadway

One of the few musicals, movies, etc. that lives up to the book.

3) Self-guided Sopranos tour

Bada Bing

We were 10 years behind on this one but still fun.  Stopped at Satin Dolls (aka the Bada Bing), Holsten’s (where the last scene of the last episode takes place), and Pizzaland (awful pizza but great drawing of the Sopranos guys).

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Charlie Ravioli

It’s holiday travel time so I’m loading up on podcasts.  Adam Gopnik’s writing can be a little obnoxious, but I really loved this story he told for The Moth.  It’s about his daughter and her imaginary friend, Charlie Ravioli.

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Pizza Pizza

Tonight was my first time making pizza from scratch.  The best part — no special equipment needed!


That is a photo of Dave Lebovitz’ pizza.  Ours wasn’t nearly as good-looking and we ate it all before I could take a picture.  Super-easy and wayyy better than any pizza I’ve had around here.

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Winter Garden

The winter garden is finally popping!

Winter Garden Fish Eye 3

Cabbage for kimchi, peas, spinach, all kinds of herbs.  The white and brown flecks are eggshells to keep the slugs away.

(photo by Eduardo)

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