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Jersey Holidays

Wrapping up two weeks with family and old friends in Jersey and finally heading home.  Some touristy highlights:

1) Roentgens furniture exhibit at the Met

Roentgens Met Exhibit

Super-intricate furniture pieces with all kinds of hidden compartments that pop out when you turn a key or push a button.  The features are controlled using springs, pulleys, and metal cables.

Some of the furniture pieces:

2) Wicked

Wicked Broadway

One of the few musicals, movies, etc. that lives up to the book.

3) Self-guided Sopranos tour

Bada Bing

We were 10 years behind on this one but still fun.  Stopped at Satin Dolls (aka the Bada Bing), Holsten’s (where the last scene of the last episode takes place), and Pizzaland (awful pizza but great drawing of the Sopranos guys).

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Pizza Pizza

Tonight was my first time making pizza from scratch.  The best part — no special equipment needed!


That is a photo of Dave Lebovitz’ pizza.  Ours wasn’t nearly as good-looking and we ate it all before I could take a picture.  Super-easy and wayyy better than any pizza I’ve had around here.

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Dance dance

Danced like I haven’t danced since I was a teenager w/ DJ Z-Trip at Mighty SF last night.

Feeling grateful for music and hella skilled DJs.  ❤

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Came home to find these two curled up together.


Escape to the Sticks

Spent the past few days escaping election frenzy in a cabin up in the mountains by Clearlake.

Gorgeous views

and lots of wood stove cooking.

(photos by Eduardo)

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Day Trip

Beautiful day and much needed getaway to Point Reyes.

Plus, new succulents!  Wonder if they’ll survive in regular soil…

(Photos by Eduardo)

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Carne Asada Fries

Went on a hot date last night to get some carne asada fries in the pouring rain

Yuppp.  That’s cheese AND crema.

(Photo from the Tacos Los Amigos Yelp page)

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Hot Date Weekend Begins!

Nowhere near as good as a first person shooter, but I’ll take what I can get.  😉

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