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The Bapron

Olive’s teeth are starting to come in, so we’ve been giving her breast milk ice cubes in a little feeding pouch.

Olive loves the cubes.  I love the Bapron.

Olive's Bapron

I sewed it using her old receiving blankets.

Next project — a baby cape-bib (like the ones you wear to get your hair cut).

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Postpartum Magic

I don’t believe in ‘miracle foods’, but miyuk guk (seaweed soup) is pretty amazing.  miyuk gukAfter giving birth to Olivia 슬아, I went on a soup diet.  I ate miyuk guk at least 3 times a day for the first six weeks.  Then, I incorporated other types of soup and porridge.  Mainly chicken porridge. The women in my family swear by it.  They say that miyuk guk restores what your body lost during the birth — iron, calcium, etc. — and detoxes your breastmilk.  It definitely helped me make more milk, and kept my poop soft.

You can make miyuk guk with just about any type of soup base.  I made tons of beef marrow broth before the birth and froze it in containers to make soup afterwards.


It’s super-easy.  Buy some 사골 (beef shank bones) and soak it in water for a few hours until the blood drains out.  Rinse the bones, and soak it again to make sure all the blood is gone.  Then throw the bones in a giant pot full of water.  Boil and simmer for a full day — just add water every few hours.  The soup will become white and you’ll see holes in the bones once it’s done.

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