Celebrating Whistleblowers

Feeling grateful for journalists and elders showing some spine and letting the rest of us know what’s up (no matter how scary it may be).

Wired Magazine did a pretty amazing story on this back in March and William Binney spoke publicly about it on Democracy Now a month later.  In August the New York Times caught up.

A little strange that even now he feels okay with the US government’s mass surveillance of people in other countries, just not in this one.  Wonder how he would feel if it were the other way around.

Imagine this is just scratching the surface — wondering what other entities use similar programs (ex. big employers systematically gathering personal data on workers, retailers on consumers, school systems on kids) and once they have these profiles, what do they do to people?  And who is funding this (besides us through our tax dollars)?

Not the kind of Brave New World I want to live in, but grateful for the people who expose reality it in ways that the rest of us can understand.  Can’t work toward change without first some truth.

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